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SiATEX is one of Bangladesh’s leading OEM Dress Shirts manufacturer and has been producing Dress Shirts for the last 34 years. You can see the different styles and designs we produce in our catalogue. All products shown here are for reference only, we manufacture each product from inception to shipment for maximum customization according to customer’s requirements.

Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton
Colour: Depends on the customers’ requests
Size: All ranges
Measurement: USA, EU, ASIA standard
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: According to the customers’ requirements

MOQ: 3,000 Pcs per colour and style
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on the order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF

Wholesale Dress Shirts Supplier in Garden Grove

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Dress Shirts Supplier In Garden Grove

Are you looking for Dress Shirts in Garden Grove? We are a leading Dress Shirts manufacturer and wholesale Dress Shirts supplier, offering Dress Shirts at competitive prices from our Dress Shirts factory in Bangladesh

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Dress Shirts Supplier in Garden Grove

We are your wholesale shirt suppliers Bangladesh providing you products which are compatible with the international standards.

We work towards improving your reputation by supplying your products with suitable sewing, printing and finishing. All our products are available on all shops of Bangladesh as well as all over the world.

In today’s time, the textile industry has made enormous growth in terms of production and business. The Bangladesh is the second largest textile market in the world. Today, even the low range of garments are available on international markets. But, our workers still receive less wages than their international counterparts and we still purchase the textile industry from the countries which export the goods on lower prices.

A glance on the Bangladesh Market

There are three types of dress materials in Bangladesh: cotton, wool and nylon. Cotton and wool are also used for making summer garments. Bangladeshi manufacturers use wool, cotton and nylon in different parts of the garment. The weavers get wool by themselves. Only one textile factory uses wool, all other textile factories use cotton and nylon.

Bangladesh has a factory zone where almost all the manufacturers can get the machines for garment production. From there they will send their fabrics in factories where the garments will be printed. The Bangladesh garment factories produce more than 30 million pieces annually. They produce up to 90% of the clothes in Bangladesh.

The factory sizes vary depending on the demand for clothes. When the customers see the low price of the garments, they will buy it. The Bangladesh factories can produce anything from small clothes to the complete garments. The complete process from fabric to the garment production takes from four months to a year.

The Bangladesh factory provides the opportunity to work for the customer. You can stay in Bangladesh and work for a factory. By working for a factory, you will get a job and get paid according to your performance.

Process of the Bangladesh garment production

In the past, there were only two kind of garment factories.

1. The manufacturing factories use woven cloth and cotton or nylon fabric. These factories produce about ten million pieces every year. The buyers get these clothes at less price than international buyers. The weavers will start the process of weaving of the fabric. Then they will get the fabric ready and this process takes about six months. The shirt is made out of the fabric. After that, the button and the zipper are made.

At the factory, the workers get paid according to the type of clothes. The wages for the printed shirts are more than the printed shirts. This is because they make more than fifty different prints. The fabric which is used in the printed shirts is also of a good quality. The fabric used in printed shirts is recycled from old shirts. In this way, the prices of these clothes are high. However, the wages of printed shirts are lower than the textile factory workers. The printed shirts are printed from cotton, wool or nylon fabric. The buyers choose the fabric which is of the good quality.

2. The factory uses dyed fabric and cotton or nylon fabric. These factories produce almost ten million pieces of clothes every year. The buyers get these clothes at the lower price than the international buyers. The buyers still choose dyed fabric in which the designs are also printed.

The weavers start working on the dyed fabric after stitching. The printed shirt is made by filling the holes in the fabric. At the factory, the weavers get paid according to their production. The workers in these clothes are paid less than the factory workers. However, the workers at the factory get paid in accordance to their amount of production. The workers in these factory produce dresses for women.

They also make shirts for men. The shirts are sold at the lower price. The manufacturers of these shirts are the manufacturers of the printing and finishing factory. The factory provides more than twenty factories. Weavers use the factory’s machines for printing and finishing.

At the factory, the workers get the factory’s clothes. They leave the factory when they are able to finish the clothes on the orders. At the factory, the workers get paid by the company according to their production. They leave the factory when they are able to produce a certain amount of clothes. The factory gives jobs to the employees. The factory provides everything for the workers. They also get the transportation by the company. The workers get the required tools and clothes at the factory.

Producing the final product

The manufacturers of the garment start their operation only after obtaining the work permit. The workers get the work permit after the printing and finishing factory gives them the work permit. The workers at the factory will work in the production shop for around nine to ten months.

The workers in the factory use the factory’s machine to produce the shirts. They start working on the final product and finish it in the first time. The factory will get the profit and the money will be distributed among the workers according to their work. The money will be distributed at different times. At the factory, the workers will also receive their salaries at different times. When they receive their final salary, they will receive the transportation by the factory.

In the Bangladesh factory, the weavers will spend most of their time working on the fabric. The workers will be paid at least thirty Bangladeshi taka per kilogram of fabric. This amount of money is usually less than the international prices. At the Bangladesh factory, the workers will be paid less than twenty Bangladeshi taka per kilogram of fabric.

The workers at the factory work from six in the morning until twelve in the evening. They are paid according to the products that they produced. The workers get their own lunch, and a portion of their lunch will be given by the factory. After that, they will work on the production.

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